Fr. Steve has requested for Knights to be ushers and greeters

As the weather turns colder the doors to the church will no longer be propped open before and after Mass.   Fr. Steve has requested assistance of the Knights in being ushers and greeters to help with in holding doors open.   This will cut down on germs be transmitted from people opening and closing the doors.    This is a great opportunity for Knights to be visible in the parish.   Four people are needed per Mass, two for the front doors, one for the disabled lot entrance on North end, and one for door to covered walkway on the south end.  Knights and their family members are invited to serve in this capacity. Please come 15 minutes early prior to Mass and leave after dismal at end of the Mass to open doors.   There will be an announcement in the bulletin coming up requesting for help. Please contact Katie Dollens, parish secretary, to let her know if you are interested in volunteering on a regular basis to be an usher or greater.